World Veterinary Day

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Did you know that April 27th is World Veterinary Day? That’s right, a whole day to celebrate people who take care of family members and animals the world over.

For me, that isn’t much, and honestly, for the veterinarians I know, it isn’t enough. For the months and years I’ve gotten to know the doctors – Morgan Plemmons, Susan Bull , Annelie Yarkovich, Jessica Todd, and Lane Torrington, I’ve really come to appreciate their dedication and heart for the animals of Haywood County and the world. Some of them have told some of their story in a Why article recently (and more will in the future) and it is heartwarming to know how they got to where they are now and explain how their love for what they do developed.

Let’s not forget the other folks who work here either from Dani, the hospital manager, to John, the newest employee who takes care of the kennel. This is a great group of wonderful people who not only do what is sometimes an emotionally difficult job, but, who do it not only for a paycheck, but, because they care about the animals who are a huge part of our lives.

April 27th may be World Veterinary Day, to me though, I appreciate them all year.

Post a comment below or on Facebook and let all of these great folks know how much they mean to you and that you appreciate their hearts.

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