We are Fear Free!

Fear Free. What does that even mean? Why should I care?

You’ve seen that recently if you’ve looked at our website. What it is all about is that over the past year (and a little more), we have been working as individuals and as a clinic to become Fear Free Certified. Fear Free Certification is a process we have gone through to learn how to help pets have less stress when coming to the clinic, how to handle the stress they still end up with.

Some of this is as simple as the color of our uniforms and lab coats. Did you know that a white lab coat can cause stress to your dog or cat? No more white lab coats for us! Other things are not as simple, colors of the walls and floors – not simple, but, changed anyway.

All pets that come for an appointment can come and wait for a short time in the waiting room or hopefully get right into an exam room. In order to help reduce the stress of either of these though, if there is going to be a wait of more than a few minutes, you can wait with your pet in your car and we will let you know when everything is ready for you. Pretty stress free in comparison, right?

As for why you should care, because you care about your dog or cat, and so do we. It’s even part of our motto: Our mission is to partner with our pet parents to provide individualized, high quality care for our pets in a compassionate manner and fear-free environment. If your pet is not afraid, you will be less stressed, come back regularly to see about their care, and they will be healthier and happier pets.

Fear Free is a good thing – for us, for you, and for your pet.

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