Tracy explains WHY

Why do I do what I do? Well…much like most everybody else that is in the veterinary field it is because of a strong love for all animals and the need to advocate for those that can’t speak for themselves.  I grew up on a small farm that consisted of horses, goats, chickens, dogs, cats and rabbits.  I still currently have all of the above with the exception of the rabbits.  When I started working here in 2005, I worked at the front desk for the first year. I then started training in treatment, having hands on experience with the animals and this was a much better fit for me.

After a few years of learning how we do things, I started thinking about going back to school to become a Registered Veterinary Technician and learn why we do what we do. Once I mentioned school, Dani and Dr. Hammett were pushing me to follow this path. I am grateful they did, otherwise I might have talked myself out of it. I would not be where I am today working as the Patients Services Supervisor without the support from my amazing work family. Veterinary medicine can be a very stressful but rewarding job. At the end of the day you can go home feeling satisfied knowing that you have helped someone’s fur baby or comforted an owner when it was time to say goodbye. I can not think of any other job that I would rather do.