Susan Bishop

      My name is Susan Bishop. I am a client services Representative here at the Animal Hospital of Waynesville. I originally started here in March 2001 and worked for 12+ years. I left for 2 years for personal/family obligations. I returned to work here in July 2015. I live in Clyde I have 5 dogs: Whiskey, Oso, Hazel, Nubbins, and Wesley and 2 cats: Alpo and Consuela.

      February 2019 Employee of the Month

      Susan has been with us for many, many years. She started here in 2001 and has worked here on and off over that time. Susan has a huge heart for all animals and you know that every time you see her with one and you can also tell this by the crew she has at her house (3 of which are dogs she bottle fed from babies). We are happy to have her on our Client Service Team. Thank you Susan!