Alaina Cable

      I moved to North Carolina as a kid from Kentucky. I was drawn to Waynesville and it’s small town-like feel, much like where I grew up. Outside of assisting with treatment of cats and dogs, my greatest interest is in smaller animals such as rabbits, reptiles, Guinea Pigs, bearded dragons, fish, birds, and learning new things. At home I have three dogs, Biscuit is a goldendoodle, Isabella is a Yorkie, and Piper is a Shih-tzu/Yorkie mix.  I also have two cockatiels, fish, and a cat named Princess.

      In my free time I enjoy swimming, spending time with loved ones, gardening, and caring for my  houseplant collection.

      May 2019 Employee of the Month

      Alaina (aka Flossy) has only been here a few months, but you would never know it.  She has jumped in with all feet and is doing an amazing job!  She loves spending time in the exam rooms with all our four-legged babies and their owners.  Thank you Alaina for all you do and always having a smile on your face!