Tasha Explains WHY

It started when I was a young child, an only child growing up in Florida. I was being raised by a single father and often had to go to work with my Dad at the marina. I would spend my days chasing lizards, finding snails, bird watching and fishing. Typical tomboy! Wildlife was so intriguing to me. We never had animals in our home growing up so I think that made me want a houseful even more. When I would visit my family member’s houses, I enjoyed the company of the animals. I would always lay on the floor and cuddle with them.

When I started visiting North Carolina, I fell in love with horses and visiting the local zoos and discovering new animals. At 14 years old, I moved to NC to live on a small farm where I had goats, chickens, and a couple of dogs. This new lifestyle was my new happy place. It was so peaceful being able to wake up in the morning and watch my animals outside my kitchen window. The companionship of my furry friends was a bond that I knew would always bring me happiness.

In my adult years, I was in a program that required me to submit 20 job applications. It was my ultimate dream to work with animals. My career path had always drawn me in a different direction. I filled out 19 job applications for the job that I knew how to do and my last application was at AHOW, my dream job to work with animals. I never thought they would even look at my application because I had no experience.

AHOW called me to come in for an interview, watching everything they were doing was amazing to me.  I was offered the job and have since been able to work beside these ladies and learn new things every single day. I get to smile with parents when they get a new puppy or kitten. I am a shoulder to lean on as parents have to let their beloved baby cross the rainbow bridge. I get to help keep them healthy and watch them grow up. That is why I am blessed to be able to do my favorite thing every single day!  Work with animals!