Susan explains WHY

My name is Susan Bishop

My name is Susan Bishop and I have worked here for a total of 16 years. As most of us here, I have a love for animals. My first pet was an opossum named Petey. I have had a variety of pets through the years, skunks, raccoons, dogs, cats, a pony and a monkey. I have had several jobs over the years but my heart has always been to work with animals. My working interview here was on a very cold, snowy day in February 2001. I was impressed from the start and ecstatic to be hired. Dr. Kristen Hammett held this hospital to a high standard. She expected all staff to be professional and knowledgeable about veterinary medicine and to be able to help our clients and patients. I am grateful for her leadership and allowing me to learn and grow as a Client Service Representative. As leadership roles have changed, Dr. Morgan Plemmons and Danielle Treadway are carrying on the tradition of what this hospital stands for and that is to provide excellent care.
I love helping our clients and their babies. I love being able to share in the joy of a new pet or hold their hand and cry with them when the time comes to say goodbye to a beloved companion. This is more than just a place to work. We are a family that includes staff, clients and all the fur kids. I can’t imagine doing anything else.
I look forward to many more years here. I am expanding my love for animals by pursuing becoming a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. I am very passionate about helping all furry creatures to have a chance at life.