Save a Life, Blow Your Horn

It’s Winter! Some may grumble wanting the warm temperatures back, some may dislike the snow. There are some of us who really enjoy the season though, including some of our pets. There are many personalities that our pets have and some of them greatly enjoy the colder weather just like their humans might.

Just like us humans though, even though we enjoy this time of year, we also enjoy warming up. Finding just that right spot, maybe a little sun shining on us, or possibly just a spot that only we know of that is warmer than everyplace around us…like up on the motor of a car that has been run where we know we can be out of sight and be warm.

Ok, I admit, I’ve never curled up under the hood of a car to get warm, but, lots of cats do. The bad part is that many cats are also injured by being there when we jump right in our cars and start the engine.

This is an easily preventable injury. Most of us have an alarm on our car (whether we choose to use it or not) that is tied into our horns. Before we start the engine, maybe even before we get into the car, press the disarm/unlock button on the key fob until it beeps. This will startle an animal to get away from danger (not knowing what that loud noise really means) and go to safety. Such a simple thing.

Save a life, take a second, blow your horn.

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