PAW Perks

Do you have a PAW Plan? We are adding even more benefits and calling them PAW Perks!

With a Dog or Cat Adult or Senior PAW Plan, you can now get 25% off of any laser treatments OR off of packages. Treatment packages are either a) SIX treatments on up to four body sites or b) FIVE treatments on a single wound site.

With a puppy or kitten PAW Plan, you can get 25% off of a microchip!

Wow! Great savings on the best treatment plans. If you don’t have a PAW Plan yet, click here to find out what all they cover for a low monthly fee.

How about STACKING your REBATES!

In addition to any manufacturer’s rebates, if you have a PAW Plan, you can get rebates from us on Heartworm and Flea Prevention.

$10 off of a 6-month supply either Heartworm OR Flea Prevention
$20 off of a 12-month supply of either

$20 off of a 6-month supply of Both
$40 off of a 12-month supply of Both

Having a PAW Plan gets you EXTRA PERKS!

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