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One of the signs of a successful business, a place where there is always growth, is the continual enrichment of their employees. The more that an employee knows about their profession means the betterment of their clients and the greater personal strengths they can bring to the care they give those clients. Animal Hospital of Waynesville feels strongly that we help our employees be better at their jobs and grow as people as well.

We would like to announce that we now have two new Veterinary Technicians (who will be taking their state tests this month to become registered), with our Hospital Manager, bringing the total to three! Long-time employee Tracy Payne and Alex Medford who started with us last year have completed their courses and are ready to assume those duties. We also have four other ladies who are progressing in their coursework and will complete it within about another year.

Learn a little about these ladies…

Tracy PayneI had been working as a veterinary assistant for about 10 years before I finally decided to go to school to become a registered technician. Dr. Hammett had been encouraging me to do this for a number of years.
I already knew how we did things, but I wanted to learn more of why we did what we did. I also wanted to learn how better to educate clients on how and why we do the things that we do to help them to make the best decisions possible to help their furry family members.

Alex MedfordI have always known that I wanted to work with animals. That was always my answer to the question “what do you want to do when you grow up?” When it came time to go to college though, I decided to go into history instead. That didn’t work out and I found myself back on the animal path. My family have always been clients here, so when it came time to do my internship I had the perfect place. After these years of searching where I am meant to be, I have found my home. I am very excited for this new career path and hope to meet everyone and their fur babies soon!

Congratulations to these two ladies and also give encouragement to Katy Thompson, Alanna Cope, Sara Kennedy, and Casey Myers when you see them.

We are proud of all of you!

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  • SOOOOO glad we get to meet the staff!! We have been clients since 1994 (YIKES!!!) and are very satisfied. A few glicthes but that’s OK. Do hope you continue showing bois–including the vets!! I didn’t realize there is a managing vet–Awesome!!! I do like that there is someone to hold Suzy–Wish they would introduce them as us olderly don’t ;often see the nametags!!!
    Lynn Prior–and Suzy, too!!

  • Welcome ladies! May your years at AHOW be richly blessed! The staff are all incredibly wonderful and Dr. Plemmons is amazing (personal vet to my babies).

  • I am always impressed by the compassion and loving care that the assistants and techs give my 3 puppies. They are always very knowledgeable.

  • Congratulations to both of these ladies on their wonderful accomplishment. The staff at AHOW have always been helpful with answering questions and providing care to all my animals over many years. These two just exemplify the quality of care and love that animals receive at the clinic. Full disclosure – the hospital manager is my daughter but also shares her love for animals. I would bring my animals to the AHOW even if I had no family connection. Thanks everyone and well done Tracy and Alex.

  • Congrats to Tracy and Alex! I’ve dealt with AHOW for over ten years and always impressed when I ask how things are going, “Doing great and always looking for ways to improve.”
    Keep up the good work, y’all!

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