We carry a variety of foods to meet all of your pet’s needs. Our Healthy Advantage food contains vitamins E and C to help protect the immune system. It also helps prevent hairballs in cats and weight gain in cats and dogs, and helps keep teeth and gums healthy with kibble technology. It also contains omega fatty acids to promote healthy coat and skin.

We also carry an array of prescription diets targeting different individual needs. Some examples of these diets are C/D stress for feline urinary health, M/D or DM for diabetic patients, J/D for joint health and mobility, K/D for kidney support, and W/D for GI health. We are also able to special order foods if needed for pets with specific individual needs.

Obesity is also a major issue concerning our pets. We are happy to formulate a diet plan for your pet to help them achieve an ideal, healthy weight. Some examples of weight management diets are the Metabolic Diet, R/D and W/D.