October 2019
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New Shelter Pets with PAW Plans

There are two new shelter pets ready for adoption and they come with their own PAW Plan! As part of our ongoing Paws for a Cause Campaign, Kate and Diogi are ready for the love of your home. When people get new PAW Plans, we set money aside to be used to care for shelter pets that will be transferred with them when they find a home with their very own PAW Plan. Meet these two and get ready to fall in love!


This adorable female 8-year old tabby is looking for her forever home after a life of ups and downs.  She arrived at FUR in August of 2015 along with 16 other cats, narrowly missing euthanasia when her owner (who had already rescued her once) was admitted to hospice care and the rest of the family only wanted to dispose of her cats as quickly as possible.  Adopted out in May 2016, she was returned to us in January 2017 in terrible condition.  It would have been hard to figure out who was happier – Kate at surviving her ordeal and finally being back in loving arms or all the volunteers at FUR working steadfastly to get her back on her paws.  It didn’t take long before our sweet little Kate was back to herself – looking for love, companionship and well, food.  Any kind will do but gravy flavor really hits the spot!  We were happy to comply and now think of her as pleasantly plump with more to love and hug.  After 3 mishaps, most cats would have given up hope for a quiet, calm home of their own. But ever the outgoing optimist, Kate assures us that she is ready to give it another try.  Being an office cat does give her a sense of purpose and importance but it leaves much to be desired in comfy furniture and low-key entertainment.  Paperwork gets pretty old, don’t you know!  So please, come meet her and finally, finally make her dream come true.


Diogi is a 6-year old hound mix with soulful eyes and a butt that never stops wiggling! He is a chunky guy but he sure does like to go for walks and he could use the exercise. He is good on a leash and friendly to everyone he meets. He’s pretty laid back for the most part and would make a great companion for just about anyone. He would be great with the kiddos or with other doggie friends. He has a chronic skin problem that is easily treated by bathing him with medicated shampoo every 3 weeks AND he does great during bath time! Diogi is neutered, current on vaccines, and ready for his forever family.

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