National Veterinary Technician Week

Can you ever be TOO proud? I’m not sure. It is really a pleasure to know each of the staff members here, and I truly treasure knowing each one of them. As with anything, some I know more than others, but, each one really means something special to me.

Right now, we would like to honor four special ladies who lead our little group – the Registered Veterinary Technicians. If you are not familiar with the different levels of specialties within an animal hospital, you can kind of think of these four as the Head Nurses.

Dani Treadway has been our Hospital Manager for several years now, but, she has been an RVT for many more years than that, and a staff member here even longer. Dani is a leader. Really in every sense of the word. She is thinking, planning, and going through training all of the time to find new places for us to reach and new programs to do to make sure we give the best care possible.

Tracy Payne is our Patient Services Supervisor. She took over that position from Dani when Dani became the Hospital Manager. Tracy oversees the care of all patients and supervision of the clinical staff. This past year she was a leader in the clinic becoming certified as Fear Free. Taking a role in the development of each of the staff and training, she helped bring this new program to us to make the clinic something special for your pets.

Alex Medford is our newest RVT. Alex oversees care of each patient as well as Tracy. She makes sure that all of the patients (your babies) are treated to the best of our abilities. Administering medications and dosages as well as visiting the patients in the treatment rooms. Alex has been here the shortest time, but, we want her to stay for a long time.

Amanda Garrett used to be a full-time employee with us, but, left to do some other exciting vet tech things. Amanda still comes in to help cover shifts and helps us greatly with special projects. We still value her greatly and appreciate the knowledge she brings to the hospital.

All of these ladies deserve your special recognition during National Veterinary Technician Week. Send messages through our blog, through Facebook, or drop off a note letting them know how much they mean to you.

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