National Cat Day

How does it make you feel when you wake up and the first thing you hear or feel is your cat? Yes, they may be pawing you saying it is time for breakfast. Or they may be playing by attacking your toes. Maybe you are just hearing them purr out their satisfaction. After you get over the first thought of ‘I don’t want to wake up yet’ and think of your cat, aren’t you happy?

From a small ball of fuzz to a giant Maine Coon (and don’t forget the hairless Sphynx) cats come in a wide variety and so do their personalities. The one thing they all have in common is the pleasure they bring to our lives. Some cats are social and want attention, some so aloof you hardly know they are around and some even leave little presents on our porches, but, all give us their best in their own ways.

Hopefully as a human, the cat who owns you gets your best…from healthcare to food to treats to attention. National Cat Day is Oct 29, but, those of us who have had cats on our lives know that every day is cat day. Make sure you always give them your best in every way.

Happy National Cat Day on the 29th.

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