National Animal Shelter Appreciation Month

Does anyone REALLY like the idea of an animal being put down? Do you have a clue how much work it takes for an animal shelter to be classed as a no-kill shelter? Have you ever had your heart broken by receiving 140 dogs all at once and having no place to put them, then the joy at realizing with community support, not a single one of those dogs had to be put down?

These are the things that the Haywood County Animal Shelter has to deal with. There is a huge amount of work these people have to do each day, pretty much on a shoestring budget because no one wants harm to come to innocent animals, but, no one really wants to pay for it either. So, they keep plodding along, led by Doyle Teague, in keeping the stray and abandoned animals of our county as safe and healthy as possible.

Yes, we are close to getting a new facility near the hospital for these animals to receive better care and also have more space to house more animals. Yes, the County is covering part of this cost. Here is another Yes, you can help this. A group of citizens banded together to set this in motion. They have worked to raise funds and find donations to make this new facility happen. More help is needed though.

Less than half of the goal of one million dollars has been raised. If you would like to make a gift, or are part of an organization that would consider donating to this worthy cause, you can go to the Friends of the Haywood County Animal Shelter website to help. Any amount is appreciated.

November is National Animal Shelter Appreciation Month. Show your appreciation for the animals and for the people who care for them.

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