Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease…we’ve all heard about it. Recently on a trip to another state I even heard it being discussed on a national radio program. What are some of the problems with it and why do we need to be concerned?

Lyme Disease is spread most typically by ticks. Ticks are a problem in our area. Health officials recently predicted that tick season will be especially high this year because of all of the late winter and spring moisture that has occurred.

The best way for ticks to be prevented is with a year-round preventative like Frontline, Trifexis, or Bravecto. Click here to read more about prevention.

Lyme Disease is a bacteria carried by a deer tick. The tick when it bites your pet must be attached for at least 18 hours, so, daily examination of your pet needs to be done carefully, because it is not just the large, engorged ticks that will be an issue.

If you have any concerns that your pet may be at risk, click here to see some of the symptoms and bring them in for an exam.

Examination is key!

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