Lost Pet Prevention Month

Did you know that July is Lost Pet Prevention Month? There’s some interesting thoughts here to think about. How can you lose a pet? How can you prevent losing a pet? Is it such a big deal that there needs to be a month about it? All of those questions can be easily answered.

Losing a pet is simple, they are animals that have their own instincts. Unless you sit with your eyes on your pet constantly it can happen (and even sometimes if you are watching). You let your pet outside for any reason, to give them some exercise, to let them use the bathroom, taking them on an errand with you, all of these things are openings to losing a pet. There are some people who will walk off with an animal they see outside for a number of reasons, both good and bad. Your pet may see or smell something they find interesting so they jump a fence, dig under, or just wander off. These things can easily happen…to anyone.

Is it such a big deal that there needs to be a month about it? All I can say is that here in Haywood County and Western North Carolina, yes. There is a group on Facebook to which I belong that deals exclusively with lost/stolen pets. The worst part (for us and the animals) is that there are multiple postings EVERY DAY of pets that go missing by whatever means.

Can some or even many of these be prevented, yes. This is not to be in any way a reflection on the owners of these pets. Many of us are trusting people who cannot imagine someone taking our pet, but, it happens. Some pets get scared of something and their anxiety can only be handled by escaping that environment, even though it is home. What are some ways to prevent these things?

Many pets are scared by loud noises, thunder, fireworks, gunfire, even a loud sound on TV. There are many aids to prevent this kind of a loss, from Thunder Shirts, to cuddling, to medicines. If your pet suffers from this, you should know and look into any of these remedies. If your pet is a wanderer that likes to get away there are solutions as well. One of these solutions can be used for any pet, a tracking collar. There are many different types of these devices in all price ranges. If you think your pet is in the category of getting away, place one of these devices on your pet’s collar. If they get away, whether from nervousness or nosiness, you can track them on your phone (like many hunters do with their dogs).

One of the most important items in your arsenal though is a microchip. If your pet gets out of your influence and you cannot find them, a microchip can be used to identify the owner when they come into contact with a veterinarian or an Animal Shelter. According to NC statute, any animal taken to a shelter is required to be scanned by the shelter to see if they are microchipped so the owner can be identified. If you find a pet, the best way to get them home is to take them to any county animal shelter.

No matter which way you choose, there are many ways to keep your pet safe and within your control. Let’s all have safer pets so that there doesn’t have to be a lost Pet Prevention Year.

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