Lane explains WHY

I do what I do because of my devotion to the human-animal bond and my desire for others to experience it to the fullest. I grew up attached at the hip to our family dog, and subsequently, my family accumulated a menagerie of pets in our household (as is bound to happen in families with aspiring veterinarians). Getting to experience the immense joy of having animals in my life, I wanted to spread that joy to others. While I briefly considered going into human medicine, I knew it wouldn’t give me the same fulfillment. In a world increasingly dependent on technology that can isolate us from one another, I love that our relationships with our pets are still as genuine as ever.  We can bond and connect with animals in a way that supersedes the need to be able to speak the same language.

While I love working with animals, I admit I also love working with people, and by working at the Animal Hospital of Waynesville these interests blend together perfectly. I love that I get to work with a team of compassionate individuals every day to deliver the best possible care. We get to share in the laughs and sometimes the tears that veterinary medicine brings. As everyone in this profession knows, it is not an easy job. We deal with some of the hardest and saddest moments of our patients’ lives, which in turn can be very hard for their owners and us. But I want to be there for my patients, and for their people, in those moments. I want to be there for the new puppy and kitten visits as clients welcome their newest family member. I want to be there when that new family member ate something they shouldn’t have. I want to be there after their four-legged family member has had a little too much fun, needed stitches, and now needs to wear the “cone of shame” until their sutures come out. I want to be there to support the family when they say goodbye to their beloved companion. Ultimately, I am honored to work in this profession alongside such amazing people who devote their time to helping animals. I do what I do because I love it