Heartworm Awareness Month

Outside of a science class or something similar, how many of us have seen an internal parasite? I would guess that it would be a small number.

The thing that is a little amazing is that no matter how well we take care of our yards, no matter how well we clean our houses, no matter the simple care we give our pets, they potentially come into contact with getting an internal parasite almost every day.

Heartworm disease is most commonly spread by coming into contact with mosquitoes. You may think, ‘Well, my pet stays inside all of the time and never goes out for anything!’ Ok, and no matter how much you may take care of your outside and no matter how well your screen door works, it really isn’t that uncommon for a mosquito to make it indoors occasionally.

And that one mosquito is enough to kill a dog or cat.

If that mosquito has previously fed on an animal that is infected with heartworms, that one mosquito, by coming into contact with your pet, can spread the heartworms to them, infecting them and potentially causing their death.

And it can all be solved by one little inexpensive pill given a few times a year. That easy. One pill.

We say we love our pets, show them that love. If you already are taking care of it, great, really.

If not, make an appointment today (you can do it from your computer) for a blood test and an exam that is required first.

For more information on heartworm for dogs, click here, For cats, click here.

Show them the love of prevention.

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