Happy New Year 2019

Around the New Year, everyone always talks about Resolutions. Each year, we often talk about the resolutions you can make for pets, I mean, we ARE in that business. Whether it is for their overall care, a PAW Plan; Winter Tips for Dogs or Cats; being a Pet Pal by referring a friend; or our PAWS for a Cause program to help those animals in the Shelter with their health.

All of these are really great programs, but, we’re going to skip talking about them this year.

For a resolution for 2019, we just want you to make one resolution.

No matter how great of a pet parent you are now
• no matter how often you bring them in to us for care
• no matter how carefully you choose their food for good health and weight
• no matter how much exercise you give them
• no matter how much attention you give them

As wonderfully as you already do all of the things, we would like you to resolve to do them even better, just to be an even better caregiver for the ones who put all of their trust in you and shower you with their love. Do this and we resolve to be even better than we have been at giving them the care for which you entrust them to us!

Happy New Year and we hope you have an even better year then you can imagine!

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