Happy, Healthy Cat Month

I hereby declare September 2017 to be Happy, Healthy Cat Month! Ok, I didn’t declare this, someone else did though, doesn’t that make it even more exciting?

If you look at the internet much, one of the images that comes up often is something called Grumpy Cat. A very furry cat with a slightly pushed in snout whose eyes are less than fully open. Probably just his normal look, but, because that makes you think of an unhappy person, they called him grumpy. We want to protest!

We want all cats to be both happy and healthy. Animal Hospital of Waynesville has gone out of our way over the years, and we still do, to make our place somewhere that cats are happy to go to when they are getting their health checked. We have been certified for many years now as a Gold Level Cat Friendly Practice. We have vet techs who have taken special classes to be Cat Advocates.

Some of our staff have completed a new program for Fear Free Certification, others are working to complete the training. I’m not going to tell you what that is yet, check out next week’s blog.

One of the best ways to insure having a happy and healthy cat is to have them checked regularly by their veterinarian. We have special plans called PAW Plans to make it easier for you to have this done. And to make it even better, when you sign up for a PAW Plan, $5 of your payment will be assigned to giving an animal in the Haywood County Animal Shelter their own PAW Plan, even after they are adopted. Two great things in one.

Take the time this month, even more than you usually do, to make sure your cat is Happy and Healthy!

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