Happy 4th

Pop! Shoooosh! Bang!

Fireworks are always exciting and usually beautiful…to us. Not so much to many of our pets. We celebrate many things with these displays, birthdays, ball games, holidays, and our country’s celebration of Independence on July 4th. All happy events that we want everyone and everything around us to share our joy.

Many pets unfortunately get very scared by these explosive sounds. Fear, anxiety, and other emotions flood through their systems causing great unhappiness. What can we do to keep these negative responses from happening or at least being such strong reactions?

Music or a television playing can distract from the sound, different scented sprays like DAP or Feliway can help keep them calmer. A Thundershirt or something similar can help dogs feel more comforted. Such simple things can be a very important change for them that their emotions are not then triggered.

What about other things that happen on Independence Day? Picnics! Mmm, food. Grilled food!

Giving them food that they are not used to can cause many pets to have serious stomach issues. Make sure the kids don’t sneak them this food or leave their plates where your cat or dog will steal it from them. Hot dogs and corn on the cob can be especially dangerous because of their shape. It may get stuck in their throats. Deserts and alcohol can be dangerous because of the contents in them.

Make sure if you are out in the sun on a hot day that water is always available as well. And if you think your pet needs sunscreen, be sure it is one approved for pets. Most used by humans are not safe for pets.

Enjoy your holiday, the time of celebration, and remembrance of the founding of our great country.

Have a great Fourth!

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