Free from Fear

Not a fan of the dentist? In several surveys, people are more fearful of a dentist than just about anything else, even heights. If something like this rings a bell with you, you likely know how many animals feel about visiting the vet. Your hands and feet feel clammy, your pulse is faster than normal, maybe even shaking a little. You know this feeling about something in your life, why put your pet through it…no vet visit this year!

Unfortunately, this is how some people think. We now have a better solution. Several of our staff members, and more are in the process, have been certified as Fear Free Professionals. This requires much study and test taking. It has also required our entire facility to be evaluated and new methods employed in making sure that a visit to the vet is now much friendlier for your dog or cat.

View this link to see the 10 ways we help your pet stay comfortable and relaxed from arrival to departure.

Items from the surface they stand on to the colors we wear have been changed. An important thing also is to bring them by just for a visit. Bring your pet by to see us, they will get some loving attention from us for a few minutes, get a nice food treat, and nothing bad happens to them, this makes them more comfortable. All of this so when they do have an appointment, they are not afraid and hopefully remain healthier.

Fear Free Certification – taking the PET out of petrified.

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