Dog Friendly Practice

The staff at the Animal Hospital of Waynesville wants your visit to our hospital to be as stress free as possible. We are striving to make visits to our hospital as enjoyable as possible for both owners and their canine companions. Every staff member is trained using Dr. Sophia Yin’s Low Stress Restraint and Handling techniques to better understand our patients and keep them relaxed. We have seen great results both in patient comfort and safety using these methods. The low stress restraint methods paired with desensitization and counter conditioning methods have allowed us to help animals that were previously problematic for owners and staff. From physical exams to toe nail trims to administering medications, we are using positive methods to help our canine patients understand how rewarding these procedures can be.

In addition, multiple staff members have received their fear free certification. To obtain this certification, you must take the fear free program and pass a series of tests. This extensive training teaches us how to provide your pet the best environment and techniques to use to make your pet’s visit the least stressful that it can be. Check out this link to learn more about what you can do to help your pet have a stress-free visit.

For our canine patients, we are utilizing Adaptil, a dog appeasing pheromone spray. It is an effective, natural way to control excessive barking, whining, stress, anxiety and other undesirable dog behaviors. In addition to Adaptil, we also utilize dilute lavender, an essential oil. We apply dilute lavender to our hands and then rub on the ears and feet of our fearful or nervous patients to aid in calming them. Thundershirts are another product we have for our canine patients to help reduce the stress associated with the veterinary hospital. Thundershirts are a calming wrap that use gentle, constant pressure to help relieve anxiety, fear, barking and other problem behaviors.

We have found great results using both Adaptil and Thundershirts in our exam rooms as well as animals admitted to the hospital and for boarding. We have a huge variety of treats and toys that we use for puppies and adult dogs to keep visits rewarding. Our goal is to help our canine patients feel relaxed and learn to enjoy visits to us. Bringing your canine friend to the visit hungry makes this even more successful.

Our goal of making the veterinary hospital more comfortable for our canine patients allows us to keep these patients as healthy as possible. Dogs that enjoy coming to the veterinary hospital are more likely to receive routine preventative medicine which allows our veterinarians to spot problems quickly and prevent an illness from becoming more serious. Dogs that arrive fearful and stressed may also make getting accurate test results more difficult. It is important to stay up to date with routine preventative medicine so that we can spot problems quickly and prevent a more serious illness.

As we work to keep our patients relaxed during their visit to our hospital we are also offering Stress Free Visits to our new puppy owners. These visits are intended to help socialize puppies and teach them early on how rewarding visits to us can be. This is a free service we offer to our clients with puppies and are happy to talk with you regarding scheduling your first Fear Free Visit.

We have information available to all our canine owners on topics ranging from medications, potty training, leash walking and how to deal with problem behaviors. We have numerous ways to help ease the stress of veterinary visits and we are happy to discuss them with you during your visit or before you even arrive.