Dani explains WHY

My name is Danielle Treadway and I have been here over 23 years. My why started when Kristen Hammett gave me a chance. I always knew I wanted to work with animals in some form or fashion, but did not know in exactly what area. I changed my major four times before deciding to go the veterinary route. As I began working here as a vet assistant/kennel assistant, I knew I was in the right field. I wanted to help animals. As the years went on and I finished college, I decided to go the vet tech route when I did not get into vet school. That was the best decision I made regarding my career. I wanted to work with pet parents and their kids to make a difference. As I continued my career, it morphed as I got more duties handed to me and moved into the head tech/supervisor. I knew this is where I was meant to be. This allowed me to help provide for my family too (my “whys” at home).

Multiple times over the years, our practice manager and office manager at the time tried to get me to think about being the practice manager. Everytime I would say no, I did not want to lose being hands-on with the animals. But, as the practice manager neared retiring, I felt like I should try it.  This was the same time we were becoming part of the NVA community as well. It just felt right and I have loved most everything I have done since then. My why has changed some over the years to now envelop the staff, the hospital, the clients and of course all the 4-legged babies. If I can help lead this clinic and teach others to provide the same level of client service we have always provided, then I get to help many more animals and the people who love them.

So my why now is the staff (empowering others to provide high quality client service and patient service), the clients (making sure they know we love their pets as if they were our own) and the patients (to help them feel better and have the best quality of life).

And of course, last but not least, my family (2-legged and 4-legged). If I can help lead the clinic to be a success, then I am able to take care of my whys at home as well.