Celebrate National Veterinary Technician Week!

We have lots of ladies working in our office and they all go in and out of the front reception area, in and out of visiting you in the exam rooms, as well as other parts of our hospital. Here’s something you may not know…they’re not all doing the same type of work, and not all qualified to do the same work. The majority of them are Veterinary Assistants, BUT, some are Veterinary Technicians (or are training to become one), and in NC, that means they are Registered Veterinary Technicians.

Okay, but what does that really mean?

Requirements vary in different states, in NC it means:

  • Graduation from a nationally accredited degree program
  • A passing grade on the National Vet Tech examination
  • A passing grade on the NC state exam
  • As well as many hours of continuing education each year (including a new requirement for Substance Abuse training).

Whew, that is a lot to go through.

We have one RVT right now, Dani Treadway our Hospital Manager. Tracy Payne and Alex Medford have completed the program and are waiting on their test. Katy Thompson, Alanna Cope, and Sara Kennedy are getting their degrees and in the process of taking their classes now as well. A few other employees are considering which path would be best for them.

During this week, beginning today, October 14, we want to show how appreciative we are of our Veterinary Technicians and would like for you to show your appreciation for all of the good work they do keeping our four-legged friends healthy and happy.

Send a note or drop one off and show them you appreciate all they do!

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