March 2020
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! How many times have you said that this year? How prepared are you…turkey already thawing, vegetables ready, milk and eggs and butter all bought to make desserts? How about the house, is it clean yet, yard mowed to look it’s best? We do all of these things to make sure our guests can […]

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National Animal Shelter Appreciation Month

Does anyone REALLY like the idea of an animal being put down? Do you have a clue how much work it takes for an animal shelter to be classed as a no-kill shelter? Have you ever had your heart broken by receiving 140 dogs all at once and having no place to put them, then […]

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National Cat Day

How does it make you feel when you wake up and the first thing you hear or feel is your cat? Yes, they may be pawing you saying it is time for breakfast. Or they may be playing by attacking your toes. Maybe you are just hearing them purr out their satisfaction. After you get […]

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National Veterinary Technician Week

What is so special about a Vet Tech being Registered? I mean, really, why should we even care that our pets are being seen or cared for by a Registered Veterinary Technician? This is an important question. One that I am going to take a few minutes of your time to answer because IT IS […]

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National Walk Your Dog Week

You know, all things considered, we have pretty good weather around here. Yes it rains sometimes, but, lots of people believe we need more than we have gotten the last couple of years. Yes, in the Winter it is cold and some days in the Summer are pretty hot, but, seasons are what make us […]

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Free from Fear

Not a fan of the dentist? In several surveys, people are more fearful of a dentist than just about anything else, even heights. If something like this rings a bell with you, you likely know how many animals feel about visiting the vet. Your hands and feet feel clammy, your pulse is faster than normal, […]

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Happy, Healthy Cat Month

I hereby declare September 2017 to be Happy, Healthy Cat Month! Ok, I didn’t declare this, someone else did though, doesn’t that make it even more exciting? If you look at the internet much, one of the images that comes up often is something called Grumpy Cat. A very furry cat with a slightly pushed […]

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Take Your Cat to the Vet Week

Did you know that this week is officially Take Your Cat to the Vet Week? Weird isn’t it because we know you care about your cat so much, you bring them in for regular checkups, vaccinations, whenever they are feeling bad, and dental visits, right? Oh, you don’t? Well then, let me give you some […]

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PAW Plans, Pet Pals, Paws for a Cause

Do you like a bargain? I sure do. Going to the store and seeing something you have been wanting for a while and finding the price reduced, what a feeling. Do you like sharing that bargain with your friends? Are you one of the people that shares stuff with your friends on Social Media? Have […]

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Lost Pet Prevention Month

Did you know that July is Lost Pet Prevention Month? There’s some interesting thoughts here to think about. How can you lose a pet? How can you prevent losing a pet? Is it such a big deal that there needs to be a month about it? All of those questions can be easily answered. Losing […]

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