August 2019
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Celebrate National Veterinary Technician Week!

We have lots of ladies working in our office and they all go in and out of the front reception area, in and out of visiting you in the exam rooms, as well as other parts of our hospital. Here’s something you may not know…they’re not all doing the same type of work, and not […]

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More Changes at AHOW

Wow! There have been lots of changes here at the Animal Hospital of Waynesville this year! In January, Dr. Kristen Hammett retired and in March, Dr. Joel Harrington left to work with his family on some projects. Dr. Jessica Todd was brought on to fill the absence of Dr. Hammett. Many of our staff have […]

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New Shelter Pets with PAW Plans

There are two new shelter pets ready for adoption and they come with their own PAW Plan! As part of our ongoing Paws for a Cause Campaign, Kate and Diogi are ready for the love of your home. When people get new PAW Plans, we set money aside to be used to care for shelter […]

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Quit Wasting Time at the Vet Office

Don’t you just hate wasting your time? I know I do. It seems like one of the biggest wastes of time is sitting in the Doctor’s waiting room filling out forms. That is no longer something you have to deal with when you visit us! All of our forms are now available through our website. […]

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PAW Perks

Do you have a PAW Plan? We are adding even more benefits and calling them PAW Perks! With a Dog or Cat Adult or Senior PAW Plan, you can now get 25% off of any laser treatments OR off of packages. Treatment packages are either a) SIX treatments on up to four body sites or […]

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Come Join the Fun!

Saying goodbye to a friend can be a sad occasion, but, we’ve decided to throw a party! Dr. Hammett is retiring from full-time doctoring with us. To celebrate with her, we’re throwing her a party and inviting all of her friends. That means you! Thursday, February 1 from 5:30-7:30 we are having her retirement party […]

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Holiday Celebrations

Christmas, Hanukah, New Year’s Eve! So many celebrations at this time of year. Isn’t it great to spend time with friends, family, coworkers, and so many others. Even getting some extra time off to spend with our pets, the ones who love us unconditionally. Well, since this is an animal blog, that will be what […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! How many times have you said that this year? How prepared are you…turkey already thawing, vegetables ready, milk and eggs and butter all bought to make desserts? How about the house, is it clean yet, yard mowed to look it’s best? We do all of these things to make sure our guests can […]

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National Animal Shelter Appreciation Month

Does anyone REALLY like the idea of an animal being put down? Do you have a clue how much work it takes for an animal shelter to be classed as a no-kill shelter? Have you ever had your heart broken by receiving 140 dogs all at once and having no place to put them, then […]

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National Cat Day

How does it make you feel when you wake up and the first thing you hear or feel is your cat? Yes, they may be pawing you saying it is time for breakfast. Or they may be playing by attacking your toes. Maybe you are just hearing them purr out their satisfaction. After you get […]

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