Cat Friendly Practice

The staff at the Animal Hospital of Waynesville wants your visit to our hospital to be as stress free as possible. With 60% of cat owners reporting that their cat hates going to the veterinarian, we are striving to change this percentage by making visits to our hospital as enjoyable as possible for both owners and their feline companions. Every staff member is trained using Dr. Sophia Yin’s Low Stress Restraint and Handling techniques to better understand our feline patients and keep them relaxed. We have seen great results both in patient comfort and safety using these methods. The low stress restraint methods paired with desensitization and counter conditioning methods have allowed us to help animals that have were previously problematic for owners and staff. From physical exams to toe nail trims to administering medications, we are using positive methods to help our feline patients understand how rewarding these procedures can be.

For our feline patients we are utilizing Feliway, a feline behavior modification pheromone spray for cats. It is an effective, natural way to control urine marking, scratching and stress. We use Feliway diffusers and or sprays in our cat ward and our cat exam rooms. In addition to Feliway, we play cat calming music in our cat exam rooms and boarding area.

Our goal of making the veterinary hospital more comfortable for our feline patients allows us to keep these patients as healthy as possible. Cats will often hide signs of sickness until it has progressed into a more serious illness. Cats that arrive fearful and stressed may also make getting accurate test results difficult. It is important to stay up to date with routine preventative medicine so we can spot problems quickly and we can treat more easily.

We have information available to all our feline owners on topics ranging from medications, litter box problems, safely transporting your cat, how to deal with problem behaviors and how to introduce a new cat into your home. We have numerous ways to help ease the stress of veterinary visits and we are happy to discuss them with you during your visit or before you even arrive.

In April 2012 we were certified as a Cat Friendly Practice through the American Association of Feline Practitioners and we are now certified as meeting the Gold Standard for cat friendly practices.

This is a voluntary certification we sought out to improve our cat services and keep us educated about ways to improve the health and well-being of our feline patients. We are evaluated on every aspect of feline health care and the hospital including but not limited to handling, medications, vaccines, boarding and education.

The visit to our veterinary hospital begins at home and to help you get your feline companion here safely and calmly can be found on the Your Cat and the Vet page.

Cat Advocates

Many cats dislike coming to the veterinarian. To provide good quality health care and allow your cat to live a longer, healthier life, your cat needs to visit their veterinarian regularly. In addition, your cat needs your confidence and reassurance when they visit the vet. We want to make this process as easy on you as we can and decrease as much stress on your cat as we can.