Cat Advocates


Why do we need cat advocates?  A cat advocate is a team member who just has that thing with our feline friends.  If you are a cat person, you know what that thing is. Not everyone is a cat person or knows how to handle different cats. Every cat is a little bit different and these advocates know how to work with them. Our cat advocates take continuing education that focuses only on our feline friends. They learn about cat behavior, how to work  with different types of cats and different handling techniques depending on the cat’s preference, how to manage different kitties when they are in the veterinary office and how to help our kitty parents learn what they can do at home. A cat advocates goal is to make the visit for our feline friends the most stress-free it can be.

Many cats dislike coming to the veterinarian. To provide good quality health care and allow your cat to live a longer, healthier life, your cat needs to visit their veterinarian regularly. In addition, your cat needs your confidence and reassurance when they visit the vet. We want to make this process as easy on you as we can and decrease as much stress on your cat as we can. Ways to make your cat more comfortable for their trip to the vet can be found on the Your Cat and the Vet page.