July 2020

Black Friday Special

25% Off Has your pet ever had an injury? How about surgery? Do they suffer from joint pain or even something as simple as ear infections? These and a long list of other pet problems can be treated by our K Laser Therapy. This is a painless therapy that increases circulation in the treated areas, […]

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National Veterinary Technician Week

Can you ever be TOO proud? I’m not sure. It is really a pleasure to know each of the staff members here, and I truly treasure knowing each one of them. As with anything, some I know more than others, but, each one really means something special to me. Right now, we would like to […]

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We are Fear Free!

Fear Free. What does that even mean? Why should I care? You’ve seen that recently if you’ve looked at our website. What it is all about is that over the past year (and a little more), we have been working as individuals and as a clinic to become Fear Free Certified. Fear Free Certification is […]

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Happy 4th

Pop! Shoooosh! Bang! Fireworks are always exciting and usually beautiful…to us. Not so much to many of our pets. We celebrate many things with these displays, birthdays, ball games, holidays, and our country’s celebration of Independence on July 4th. All happy events that we want everyone and everything around us to share our joy. Many […]

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Another New Vet!

Adding to the 5 vets already on staff at the Animal Hospital of Waynesville, a new veterinarian will start on Monday, June 10. AHOW is always striving to bring the best care in a Fear Free environment to make the visit of your pet the most comfortable. Dr. Mallory Smith, graduate of the University of […]

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Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease…we’ve all heard about it. Recently on a trip to another state I even heard it being discussed on a national radio program. What are some of the problems with it and why do we need to be concerned? Lyme Disease is spread most typically by ticks. Ticks are a problem in our area. […]

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World Veterinary Day

Guest Blogger – Did you know that April 27th is World Veterinary Day? That’s right, a whole day to celebrate people who take care of family members and animals the world over. For me, that isn’t much, and honestly, for the veterinarians I know, it isn’t enough. For the months and years I’ve gotten to […]

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Heartworm Awareness Month

Outside of a science class or something similar, how many of us have seen an internal parasite? I would guess that it would be a small number. The thing that is a little amazing is that no matter how well we take care of our yards, no matter how well we clean our houses, no […]

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Making an Appointment is Easier Now

Need to make a vet appointment? Forgot to make it during the day? Don’t want to wait till tomorrow? Too busy during the day? Don’t like talking on the phone? New Patient? A lot of times there are just reasons why we don’t call to make an appointment. Now, that is okay. And it is […]

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Save a Life, Blow Your Horn

It’s Winter! Some may grumble wanting the warm temperatures back, some may dislike the snow. There are some of us who really enjoy the season though, including some of our pets. There are many personalities that our pets have and some of them greatly enjoy the colder weather just like their humans might. Just like […]

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