Animal Control Appreciation Week

This is one of my favorite “special” weeks every year…

Now that may sound funny, but, let me explain. Animal control comes in many forms.

  • Getting our own pets spayed and neutered
  • Groups like Haywood Spay Neuter offering special pricing on their services
  • All of the rescue groups including Sarge’s and FUR (Feline Urgent Rescue)
  • Hunting licensing
  • And of course, our wonderful County Animal Control office headed by Doyle Teague.

All of these items provide animal control in their own ways, and this is just a small example of them even in our own hometown. There are many more ways to demonstrate animal control and too many groups nation and worldwide to ever make a comprehensive list.

Here in Haywood County, we are even making extra efforts by building a new Animal Control Facility using both county money as well as individual donations to make sure that abandoned, stray, and voluntary released animals are given the best care until they can be placed in a new, loving home.

Make the time and take the time this week to let some or all of these groups know how much you appreciate the time and effort they take to make sure the lives of animals in our area are handled well and humanely.

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