Adult Dog or Puppy

When you make the decision to add on to your two- legged family with a four-legged family member, there are a lot of factors to consider. Choosing between a puppy and an adult dog can be a hard decision to make and needs a lot of consideration. Your lifestyle and the amount of time and patience you have to devote to your new addition are two major factors to think about. Whether it be a puppy or an adult dog, they still require lots of love, attention and time.

While puppies are cute and cuddly, they take a lot of work and need as much attention as an infant or young child would. They need daily training and nurturing, as well as a structured environment. Obedience and puppy classes are also strongly recommended to help mold your puppy into a well-behaved adult. The first year can also be costly due to updating vaccines to protect them, keep them safe and healthy along with any classes you may choose. Puppies are a long-term commitment that needs a dedicated owner.

Adult dogs also make wonderful additions, and can provide as much love and affection as a puppy would. When adopting an adult dog, if there is any information you can collect regarding their previous home including how social they are, if they are friendly with children, or why they were given up for adoption is highly recommended. Your local shelter is a wonderful place to start looking for an adult dog to adopt, and remember that shelters will not adopt out any dogs that have known violent behaviors. Most adult dogs have minimal bad habits that with the proper training and lots of patience can be corrected. Also, most adult dogs are already house broken and have basic training.

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