Tick, Tick, Tick

It’s that time of the year again, time for fleas and ticks to come to mind. Even though we have them around here year round, for some reason, we think of them beginning in Spring and Summer. What is the thing you think of with ticks and disease? For me, it is Lyme Disease.

Lyme Disease is transmitted to our pets and to us in bacteria on a deer tick. The infected tick bites us and spreads the disease. Here is something you may not know. In order to spread the disease, the tick needs to be attached for at least 18 hours! After spending time outside, usually in the woods, it is always very important to check your pet for ticks, even a small immature tick can spread the disease, it doesn’t need to be a large blood-bloated adult.

To see some of the symptoms of Lyme Disease, check out this page on our website.

The best way to protect your pet from Lyme Disease is to have year-round flea and tick prevention. There are several products we recommend for tick prevention for dogs, click here to see information on flea and tick control for dogs. For cats, we recommend Frontline. Click here to see information on flea and tick control for cats.

Take care of your pet and your own health by preventing ticks year round.