May 2017
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Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! This past Sunday was a great day of celebration for the mothers of our country and we all celebrated them. The things they have taught us, the feelings they have instilled in us. Most of us got our sense of caring and learning how to nurture from our mothers. One of the […]

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Pet Appreciation Week

I went out of town for one night this last weekend. No big deal, right? Well, a little bit because I left my dog at home to be taken care of by my neighbor. Still no big deal, right? Well, a little bit because he and I live alone and he really is a companion […]

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Tick, Tick, Tick

It’s that time of the year again, time for fleas and ticks to come to mind. Even though we have them around here year round, for some reason, we think of them beginning in Spring and Summer. What is the thing you think of with ticks and disease? For me, it is Lyme Disease. Lyme […]

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Animal Control Appreciation Week

This is one of my favorite “special” weeks every year… Now that may sound funny, but, let me explain. Animal control comes in many forms. Getting our own pets spayed and neutered Groups like Haywood Spay Neuter offering special pricing on their services All of the rescue groups including Sarge’s and FUR (Feline Urgent Rescue) […]

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National Love Your Pet Day

Some of these blogs can be difficult to think of things about, this week, it is a piece of cake! What pet owner cannot love National Love Your Pet Day?!? We all love our pets all of the time, pretty much every day (though there are those tough times when they chew up a shoe […]

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