September 2018
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National Walk Your Dog Week

You know, all things considered, we have pretty good weather around here. Yes it rains sometimes, but, lots of people believe we need more than we have gotten the last couple of years. Yes, in the Winter it is cold and some days in the Summer are pretty hot, but, seasons are what make us […]

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Free from Fear

Not a fan of the dentist? In several surveys, people are more fearful of a dentist than just about anything else, even heights. If something like this rings a bell with you, you likely know how many animals feel about visiting the vet. Your hands and feet feel clammy, your pulse is faster than normal, […]

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Happy, Healthy Cat Month

I hereby declare September 2017 to be Happy, Healthy Cat Month! Ok, I didn’t declare this, someone else did though, doesn’t that make it even more exciting? If you look at the internet much, one of the images that comes up often is something called Grumpy Cat. A very furry cat with a slightly pushed […]

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Take Your Cat to the Vet Week

Did you know that this week is officially Take Your Cat to the Vet Week? Weird isn’t it because we know you care about your cat so much, you bring them in for regular checkups, vaccinations, whenever they are feeling bad, and dental visits, right? Oh, you don’t? Well then, let me give you some […]

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PAW Plans, Pet Pals, Paws for a Cause

Do you like a bargain? I sure do. Going to the store and seeing something you have been wanting for a while and finding the price reduced, what a feeling. Do you like sharing that bargain with your friends? Are you one of the people that shares stuff with your friends on Social Media? Have […]

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Lost Pet Prevention Month

Did you know that July is Lost Pet Prevention Month? There’s some interesting thoughts here to think about. How can you lose a pet? How can you prevent losing a pet? Is it such a big deal that there needs to be a month about it? All of those questions can be easily answered. Losing […]

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Boy is it H.O.T.

I read a lot of things online about animals, no surprise. Whether they are websites, blogs, or social media, they often have something important to say. At this time of year, there are many items about leaving animals in hot cars. Sometimes, it can seem like this is all that people are talking about. I […]

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Bang Goes the Holiday

When we shoot a gun, some people will flinch even though they knew it would be loud. When lightning strikes close, we expect thunder, even though we are sometimes startled. When we go to watch fireworks, we know there will be a boom, and yet we sometimes jump because it is closer or louder than […]

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PAWS for a Cause

We are SO excited. There is something new that we have been planning for a while and it is here! PAWS for a Cause is a new program that goes into effect today. Have you heard of our PAW Plans? These replaced our Wellness Plans that were offered before. PAW Plans are a way to […]

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Dog Flu Vaccination Day

This week’s blog is to make sure you notice and are aware of a danger to our dogs. One of the initial outbreak areas that has been reported was in Georgia and it seems to be moving into our area from there. This flu variant is HIGHLY contagious. If a dog is exposed to it, there […]

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