Boy is it H.O.T.

I read a lot of things online about animals, no surprise. Whether they are websites, blogs, or social media, they often have something important to say.

At this time of year, there are many items about leaving animals in hot cars. Sometimes, it can seem like this is all that people are talking about. I think there is a reason for this.


Have your attention? It seems like no matter how much is written about this, there are people that either don’t pay attention or think that what they are doing is okay and their pet won’t be affected.

Some states have even made laws that if a pet has been watched in a car with the windows up for only 5 minutes, anyone (not just law enforcement), can break a window to get the pet out and not have any consequences for breaking the window.

Please watch this video. Dr Ernie puts himself through what all of these animals have to suffer to demonstrate how dangerous this is.

Bottom line, Don’t Do It, even for a few minutes.