Bang Goes the Holiday

When we shoot a gun, some people will flinch even though they knew it would be loud. When lightning strikes close, we expect thunder, even though we are sometimes startled. When we go to watch fireworks, we know there will be a boom, and yet we sometimes jump because it is closer or louder than we expected.

Your pets, especially dogs usually are startled by these noises, many of them get scared. Animals don’t have the sense of expectation that we do. Some can be good hunting dogs, that takes training. Even these dogs are often startled and sometimes frightened by lightning and fireworks.

Fourth of July is right around the corner and that means there will be fireworks, whether it is the ones planned by our communities or the ones brought from other places by people near us and set off in our neighborhoods. Our dogs and cats don’t know what is happening when these things go bang! A loud noise is often something bad to them, something fearful.

We all love our pets, no question there. It is our job, even though it isn’t sometimes our pleasure to get them through these times. There are many ways we can soothe the fright of our pets. A Thunder Shirt, tranquilizers, having them be in their ‘safe spot,’ or just plain letting them cuddle up to us or be in our laps being stroked. These can all work depending on their level of anxiety.

Independence Day is a time of celebration, and rightfully so. I would never want to dampen the celebrations of people who take joy in living in such a free country. I also would never want my best friend to suffer for it.

Happy Fourth of July. Take care of your pet while celebrating your freedom. Click here for some pet tips for the holiday.