Dog Flu Vaccination Day

This week’s blog is to make sure you notice and are aware of a danger to our dogs. One of the initial outbreak areas that has been reported was in Georgia and it seems to be moving into our area from there.

This flu variant is HIGHLY contagious. If a dog is exposed to it, there is an 80% chance it will become infected. The number of dogs who die from it is thankfully small though. Some of the symptoms resemble kennel cough, but, they also suffer from fever, lessened appetite, and lack of energy. It is important to note that the diagnosis can’t be made just from the symptoms. A swab sample or preferably a blood sample gets the best diagnosis.

If you take your dog into places where there are other dogs, you need to make sure they don’t share a water or food bowl, blankets, or toys. They can even catch it from humans, so, make sure petting from others is watched carefully.

On June 20, 2017, the Animal Hospital of Waynesville is partnering with the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association and Merck Animal Health for Dog Flu Vaccination Day, during which we are offering discounted dog flu vaccines for $15 (and a booster in 2 weeks for an additional $15). Dog Flu Vaccination Day is aimed at educating pet owners about dog flu and encouraging vaccination.

We encourage all dog owners to unite in the effort to stop the spread of this infectious disease. Please contact us to make an appointment for Tuesday, June 20, 2017.

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