Adopt a Cat Month

Ever had a cat (you can’t say you’ve owned one because cats are Sovereign Citizens)? They are fun to watch as they chase whatever is in their imagination or the “magical red dot” we so like to torment them with. Such soft fur as it rubs against your legs when you are trying to get something done and are afraid you will trip over them. Some even like to cuddle.

June is Adopt a Cat Month. There are many purposes we have for cats, some are just to pet, some have a job of keeping rodents out of barns and other outbuildings, some will protect your home from an intruder even with their strong personality. Almost everyone can find a purpose for a cat in their life.

Haywood County is blessed with both having a lot of cats as well as many organizations to help them find a home. We have a great Animal Shelter that was recently awarded (again) the status of a No Kill Shelter, Sarge’s Animal Rescue helps, Feline Urgent Rescue (F.U.R.) specifically looks for placement for cats, plus just many caring people who aid all of these groups.

Take a moment, look into your heart and mind, see if there is room in your life for a (or another) cat.